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Like deadalive_5, I'm from the other side of the pond from you Yanks. My official chronology record has been compiled here, but I'll run down the basic details of my career.

I got my start in law enforcement as an officer of the Wessex County Police, before joining the army to go fight in the Crimean conflict. Once I finished my tour of duty I returned to the WCP for a bit before moving to London and working with the Metro Police, as part of the serious robbery squad. I was promoted to Detective Sergeant, and not long after was offered a position working for SpecOps-27.

A bit of a note on SpecOps (i.e., Special Operations). I get the impression that it's the equivalent in my world to MI5 in Mr. Quinn's...but with significant differences. SO-27, for instance, deals specifically with Literary Crime. Sometimes that's plagiarism, forgery, theft, but then there are the cases where criminals find ways to enter the original texts and attempt murder or kidnapping of the characters within, often with blackmail of the reading public who don't want the great classics permanently ruined as a result of the crime.

And then there's the two-year stint I did with Jurisfiction, which is the internal policing agency that exists within books themselves. But that's something that is probably more easily explained individually, if anyone's interested. In any case, I'm back with the SO-27 Literatec office in Swindon, Wiltshire, though on something of a sabbatical at the moment. I know that compared to a lot of the rest of you, my experience sounds pretty out there. But honestly, if you're in a world where it's possible to believe six impossible things before breakfast, you'd better believe there's a need for some official regulation there.

I'm pleased to make the acquaintance of all of you.
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